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Après Beauty

Elite Kit


The Ultimate Gift for Fitness and Skincare Enthusiasts.

Elevate your game with our curated Elite Kit – the epitome of cool for fitness and skincare enthusiasts.

This premium kit includes:

🧊 A pack of our Best-Selling Cool + Glow Towelettes: Nourish and rejuvenate the skin post-workout.

💪 1 Set of Tone + Sculpt Resistance Bands: A versatile tool for sculpting and strengthening muscles.

💧A bottle of Ultra-Hydrating Serum Mist: Achieve a dewy complexion and skin that feels revitalized.

🎒 Sweat-Proof Neoprene Wet Bag: Stylishly store all fitness and skincare essentials, wherever they go.

Level up your fitness and skincare game with our Elite Kit!

Elite Kit